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Customized Cabinets

At Stone Art Kitchen & Cabinets in Grande Prairie, our craftsmen will work with your to select the material, style and design of your cabinets, and build them to your exact specifications.

  • Detailed, meticulous approach.
  • Hassle-free scheduling and efficient project planning

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

Whether you are renovating your home to be the perfect space, or you want to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom before placing your house on the market, we can complete the project correctly, efficiently and to your exact specifications.

  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Prompt Project Completion

Custom Stone Countertops

At Stone Art Kitchen & Cabinets, we work with home owners and builders throughout the Grande Prairie area to design and install custom countertops made from a variety of beautiful and durable materials.

  • Custom Design & Installation Projects


Kitchen cabinets · Bathroom cabinets · Stone countertop · Stone cladding · Stone backsplash

Hardwood floorings · Fireplace surrounds · Designer sinks · Designer faucets · Designer hood fans

Wall art · Medical and dental offices · Spa and retail interiors · Restaurants and lounges · Office and elevator lobbies


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